Healing is movement

What are you doing at a healing, Géraldine - Aimée?

Simply put, I interpret.


I can receive your soul impulses by connecting myself with you at the level of nature.


And actually YOU do everything. You tell me what you need, how you need it and in what form you want it. 

You know, everything is present at the level of being, and I energetically draw from the 'great source that unites everything'.


Then again on a personal level, I'll tell you, if desired, what I 'did' under your guidance.


I've received a lot of feedback that this 'being free from the ego' alone is a deeply moving moment that evokes a sense of 'coming home'.


I feel for a receiving Healing that something rigid or hard moves in me. Sometimes with tears, sometimes with laughter, often with a sense of freedom and love.


(By the way, energetically healing everyone can, and is often done unconsciously.


Personally, after having unconsciously healed for years, I've learned to focus on self-determination, which means consciously healing energy. )


Do I have to come to Cologne for a healing?

So, you can come anytime if you like and the healing will take place in the rooms of the schauspiellust.



In order to be able to connect with you on the level of beings, I need your birth name - nothing more. I know it sounds like spooky, but it's not like hocus-pocus.


But if YOU doubt it, I would like to tell you this offer from my heart 


Energetic, subtle healing work supports you

  • at your next development step, which now wants to integrate and manifest your soul into your human being.
  • Your zest for life, self-efficacy and your self-love to develop more and more
  • Beliefs, thought patterns and body patterns characterized by family, society to recognize and transform
  • To experience this love, joy and warmth for you, when you have visited yourself inside your home

and gives you step by step serenity and joy of life

Who are you?

Pure energy in a human body that longs to integrate that aspect into being human.


And what do want to let go?

Healing is essentially relief from anxiety.


Healing is the release of the past.


Healing is to perceive your demons with love and to be able to see behind the grimaces and ugly grimaces of your anxiety.


Healing is 'loving' as you are.


Healing is the ability to perceive one's own opposites and recognize and transform them as life force.


Healing is wild, gentle, clear, chaotic and always alive.

And what do you want to let go


Healing for a single person                                             54,- € inkl. MwSt

Healing for Relationship vocational /personal                 72,- € inkl. MwSt

These prices are valid until December 31, 2018

Do you have any questions or you want to book a healing - please feel free writing me

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